what should we do in lock down | tips for lock down

what  should we do in lock down | tips for lock downWhat is your routine in lock down?how to spend whole day during lock down .lock down routine .

Wake up in the morning and drink two glasses of water.

Then be scared and go for a bath.

Then worship God.

After doing Puja, I go to visit the temple of Lord Shiva near the house and offer water.

Then came home and breakfast.

After having breakfast, I spent a while on mobile.

And then later I have a passion for cooking, so I make vegetables. My mom makes bread.

After eating food, I take a little left or left.

Then I get up and spend some time on reading books 

Then in the afternoon, the people of my society together make food for the needy people and work to reach them.

Then after reading Puja in the evening, I also cook favorite food in the evening.

Then I take a short walk after a meal.

Later, at home, they play Careem with their friends and sometimes play Tas.

Then at night, remembering God, praying for the good of all, he falls asleep comfortably.

It is just nowadays.

Thank you.

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